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Seven Human Rights Principles

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

an Excerpt from Robert Rose.

1. The right to have a home, for all need a place to sleep at night.

2. The right to have enough nutrition to survive. We all need food in order to work.

3. The right to clean drinking water. We all need hydration, there is no life without water.

4. The right to economic stability during stabilizing medical care. We all will get hurt, we all will help each other.

5. The right to education without incurring life long debt. We have proven an intellectual society is an advancing society, without lifelong debt we can learn more than ever before.

6. The right to a clean environment, for a prosperous planet, not just for our sake, but our children's sake, and for the sake of humanity.

7. The right to have some form of employment. We all must work to achieve not just our surviving needs, but our thriving needs, nobody can live in society without a job.

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